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We are a full-service migration and education agency and offer various consultation services to assess your unique situation and needs. We work closely with our clients from the initial consultation to helping our clients achieve their Australian migration dreams.


All consultations are held with our principal Registered Migration Agent Kristi Georgeson (MARN 1793357).

So, wait no longer and book a suitable consultation time, tell us your story, and let us guide you through your potential Australian visa options, including answer all your visa-related enquiries.  

50-Minute Migration Consultation

Fee: $250 (AUD)

Duration: Up to 50 minutes


Our 50-Minute Migration Consultation is for you if you would like to migrate to Australia and learn about your potential visa options; or if you would like to discuss complex migration matters with us. During this in-depth consultation we will examine your unique circumstances and discuss all your potential visa options based on your circumstances.

30-Minute Migration Consultation

Fee: $190 (AUD)
Duration: Up to 30 minutes

Our 30-Minute Migration Consultation is for you if you have general visa-related enquiries, including you wish to learn about a particular visa application process and requirements.

10-Minute Migration Consultation

Fee: $99 (AUD)

Duration: Up to 10 minutes


Do you have a question (or 2) for which you are trying to find a definite answer, but have not been able to do so? Well, we are now offering super quick 10-Minute Migration Consultations just for these types of enquiries.

NOTE: If you wish to learn about your visa options in general, then please book either our 30- or 50-Minute Migration Consultation as the 10-Minute Migration Consultation will not provide sufficient time to discuss the potential visa options with you. Bookings for general visa enquiries will be cancelled without any notice.

Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa Consultation

Fee: FREE for KGME existing students only

Duration: Up to 20 minutes


Our Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa Consultation is only for our existing students who have completed their study in Australia. During the consultation, we will cover the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa application process and requirements, and the steps you need to take in order to apply for Australian permanent residency.

Education Consultation


Duration: Up to 20 minutes 

Our FREE Education Consultation is for anyone who wishes to genuinely study in Australia and are looking at commencing their studies in the next 6 months

First, you must complete our Online Assessment Form - please select: I would like to "Apply for a visa" to "Study in Australia". Once we have revised your completed form, we will conduct an initial eligibility assessment to determine if you meet the criteria for our free Education Consultation; and if so, we will invite you to book the consultation time with us.

NOTE: To be eligible for our FREE Education Consultation, you must know WHAT you wish to study. If you wish to learn about your study options in general, including about study options that may lead to Australian Permanent Residency, then please book one of our Migration Consultations instead.


During the Education Consultation we will discuss the selected study option(s) with you, explain the course enrolment process and provide you an overview of the Student visa application process and requirements.  We can also assist you with the course enrolment and Student visa application process.

Our Education Consultation is limited to one (1) free consultation. 

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