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Studying in Australia

Australia is a leader in education and innovation, and has universities that are highly ranked competing with all top providers across the globe.


Studying in Australia is a great option for those that are looking to up skill themselves and build on their chosen careers, as well as taking in all the wonders that Australia has to offer.


When studying in Australia you also get the added benefit of working and earning great money to give you a comfortable lifestyle while you study abroad!


Applying for your course


Applying for a course in Australia can be a daunting experience. There is so much to consider - location, course selection, which university to apply for, which academic level should you apply for, how to start the application and what do you need to provide? and so much more…


KG Migration & Education (KGME) are experts in this field and have many partnered education providers working with us. We guide you through the whole process so you have the best chance in getting accepted into your chosen course.


What does KGME provide?


During our consultation, we go over the student application process and exactly what is required of you. Our RMA Kristi, will discuss with you your visa options and go over your GS requirements. We provide you with current exclusive promotions that we are offered from our partner education institutions, and we will try and address any major concerns you have about the whole process.


Submitting your application & letter of offer


After we have provided you with important course information such as location, timeframes, price, qualifications and much more, we compile and review your student application along with all other required documentation and send them off to the education provider. We then follow up with the education provider to ensure they have everything they need to make an informed assessment. Once the provider has reviewed your student application and you are found to be successful, they will send through a “Letter of Offer”. This letter of offer will be in much further detail specific to the course that you have applied for.


Acceptance and payment


Once you have read the Letter of Offer and talked with KGME about it, you may accept the offer, so long as there is no conditions attached to it. Some conditions may be attached if the education institution requires further english test results, certified documents etc.


Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)


Once you have:

- Accepted your letter of offer, and
- Made the required payment outlined in the letter of offer,

the education provider will do a final assessment and if they are satisfied, they will send through a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). The CoE is required to process your Student visa, and Kristi will walk you through this whole process.


Book a consultation with us to start the process today!

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